Shawn Dismuke

Support & Field Services

Shawn joined eLynx in November 2006 and currently manages eLynx Support. Shawn specializes in new equipment research and implementation. He supports customers with their daily usage of the eLynx application and troubleshoots issues related to communications, protocol, and/or hardware. He noted, "Our customers are always bringing us a unique problem or issue to analyze and resolve. We are fortunate to have such a talented team to help them get the highest and best value using the eLynx applications." Shawn's seven years of prior experience was working for Sunoco Logistics, Chesapeake Energy, and Engineering Design Group.

Outside of eLynx, Shawn loves to run full and half marathons and is camping and/or hiking with his family on most weekends.

When asked what he enjoys most about eLynx, Shawn said "I enjoy the time I spend with both my co-workers and working with our customers which is rare to find and a key reason I have been with the company for so long."

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