Courtney McMillian

Support & Field Services

Courtney joined eLynx in March 2008. As Manager of Field Services, Courtney works with customers on their communication needs by running path studies for communication links (point-to-point and point-to-multipoint) systems, designing Spread Spectrum and Ethernet radio networks, spec'ing out equipment needed and running power consumption models to verify the correct power package for each asset. He also installs and troubleshoots the communication equipment for customers. Courtney's prior four years of experience was in oil and gas midstream as SCADA Admin for SouthWestern Energy. Courtney handled the day-to-day SCADA needs and oversaw the SCADA communications infrastructure.  

In his spare time, Courtney loves spending time outdoors. Hunting, fishing, camping or basically anything to unplug from technology.

When asked what he enjoys most about eLynx, Courtney said, "The eLynx family. Having spent the last 16 years either using eLynx as a Scada vendor or working for them, it feels like you are with family. Everyone is always receptive to new ideas or approaches to tackling issues. Plus, the leadership team's open door policy is very much appreciated."

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