Our passion is oil and gas.
Our calling is analytics.

eLynx empowers production engineers to detect anomalies and fix them weeks ahead of time.

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We combine hardware, software, and services so you can more easily and effectively use data to improve oil field operations.

SCADA Monitoring

End-to-end data security, field-hardened sensor and cloud communication networks, data normalization, and custom user configurations deliver the best SCADA experience in the industry.

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Operational Intelligence

Quickly and efficiently assess wells, identify production opportunities or high-priority issues, and focus on solving problems rather than finding them.

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Predictive Analytics

Digital twin modeling and data analytics improve oil field production and cut costs by suggesting optimal well settings and forecasting looming problems in time to take action.

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History: eLynx and the O&G Industry Growing Together

1970 - 2000

Planting the seeds

Long before eLynx, our founders Steve Jackson and Steve Heyman were drillers and operators. Managing 5,000 wells, they felt the daily sting of having to make too many decisions without enough data. Taking manual well readings was slow and SCADA — with its promise of seeing well status from the safety and comfort of an office — was still young.

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2000 - 2010

SCADA goes mainstream

Through the 2000s, eLynx became a pioneer in tuning and improving oil field SCADA. Combining services, hardware, software, and communications, SCADA systems now produced data that could be trusted. eLynx built an acclaimed national field service organization skilled at designing strong, secure communications and was the first in the industry to use the internet to track above and below-ground well sensors.

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2010 - 2016

From information capture to insight

Starting around 2010, eLynx redoubled its effort to give production teams more information, quicker. We were delivering industry- leading SCADA, but the limits of traditional SCADA were starting to show. It was limited to data collection, displaying raw data, and setting alarms for pre-defined out-of-bounds conditions. Since eLynx was already capturing the data, we knew we were uniquely positioned to make it easier for production teams to understand what their data meant.

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2016 and beyond

The power of prediction

In 2016, a global analytics leader made an observation about our 17 years of high-quality data: no one else had it. And no one else could replicate it. We saw the opportunity to help our industry in a whole new way. The timing was perfect because technology wizards around the world were creating a new era of using massive amounts of data to make smarter decisions — the era of Data Science.

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Put our team of experts to work for you.
Decades of O&G experience meet the world's best data science.

The Founders

Our founders know the patch. From exploration and land deals to operating major fields and building the first low-pressure pipelines across Texas, our roots in oil field operations run deep. eLynx's commitment to improving production hasn't changed in our entire eighteen-year history.

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Experienced Field Service and Support

Our field service and support teams bring real-world perspective to our analytics. The dirt on our tires and our deep relationships with regional and national producers guide everything we build. They set the bar on what's valuable … and make sure it works in the field.

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Dedicated Analytics Experts

Our Ph.D. data scientists convert subtle SCADA readings into unmatched clarity on what's happening downhole. Armed with the industry's cleanest data, their cutting-edge techniques give engineers new insight to optimize well operations and predict future well behavior.

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