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eLynx Technologies

Modern data solutions for upstream, midstream and water.

With a 20-year track record of excellence, eLynx Technologies is the #1 SCADA and historian open Cloud platform for the oil and gas industry.  Since 2000, eLynx has pioneered real-time data collection, production reporting, and remote monitoring and control for over 40,000 wells and assets for more than 400 production and midstream companies.

The eLynx historian provides operators with a tool set that is designed for modern data initiatives.  Our Web-based and mobile solutions deliver real-time data and data-driven insights to optimize production while reducing costs and risks.   Today, eLynx processes over 82 million data values, checks 5.5 million alarms and calculates over half a million tags for our customers on a daily basis.

Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, eLynx provides SCADA and Historian services to upstream and midstream operators in all major basins in North America, as well as water municipalities.


Gaining adoption throughout an entire organization requires a solution that makes it easy to understand and take action from any device no matter where your people are.

Web App

Mobile App


Real-time Diagnostics

Gain additional data-driven insights about your operations to identify opportunities to make your operations more efficient.


Production Optimization

Economic Optimization

Data Validation

Real-time diagnostics depends on having a constant stream of quality data from across the entire organization. The sooner data issues can be found and fixed the better for teams making decisions that impact the bottom line.

Out of Bounds

Stuck Sensors

Non-Timely Data

Data Capture

Your producers need data from all of their systems, not just SCADA data. The eLynx product consolidates data from all company systems and many third-party integrations.


Field Data Capture


Field Automation

Capturing the foundational field data for an oil and gas company starts here. We invented SCADA as a service in the oil and gas industry and our field services team provides the needed expertise and staff augmentation to our customers.

Installs & Retrofits


Staff Augmentation


Tackling Real-World Problems

Quickly make better decisions for all lift types

We’ve learned that even the smallest barriers reduce usage and adoption. So we made sure that at a glance you can see every well that is at risk in the field on your smartphone. This allows you to make fast decisions and be confident of the business impact you are having without constantly logging in and out of various systems.

Plug into the eLynx Full Stack no matter your stage of technology

“When trying to do real-time analytics we consistently find that the data our customers are collecting is not of the proper quality. The eLynx full stack platform addresses the foundational challenges related to capturing and storing data across your entire ecosystem that is accurate and at a high enough frequency for real-time analytics.”

Ryan Richison Chief INformation Officer

Expect rapid results

“Most oil and gas companies equate new technology with long implementation and ROI timelines. We designed our implementation toolset and approach to create wins within months. Our customers are always astonished at how quick the breakthroughs can come.”


Upgrade your operations today

eLynx has the expertise and solutions to improve oil and gas production and lower costs.

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