Why eLynx SCADA is the Ideal Oil and Gas Midstream Software Solution

Discover the reasons eLynx is ideally suited to deliver on the most important requirements for mid-stream oil and gas companies.

Samantha McPheter
February 9, 2023

With over twenty years in the oil and gas industry, eLynx is familiar with the differing needs of upstream, midstream and downstream oil operations. Our team knows that midstream companies have the intention to grow their business so they can sell it at some point. As a result, they do not want to build their own SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system. This would only tie up precious capital and require them to hire IT and software people.

However, a pipeline SCADA system is essential for monitoring, controlling, and measuring flows, receipts, and deliveries to and from a midstream company. It’s how their entire business works. This makes the oil and gas midstream software decision a key one.

eLynx SCADA is designed for mid-stream companies because it provides:

  1. A complete solution where everything is handled from installation to maintenance
  2. A system that is easy to use by everyone from operators to financial personnel
  3. Accurate, timely reporting for the mid-stream company and 3rd parties

This article goes into further depth on the reasons eLynx is ideally suited to deliver on the most important requirements for mid-stream oil and gas companies.

1. eLynx's SCADA monitoring system provides a complete, reliable, and affordable solution

eLynx was the first SaaS (software as a service) SCADA system in oil and gas. From the beginning, we learned that most oil and gas companies wanted to do what they do best -- while wishing for a complete, reliable, and affordable SCADA solution.  

Not only does eLynx provide the entire SCADA solution, it is the most advanced in terms of functionality and the easiest to use. We continually improve it by solving new problems for our customers and releasing updates.

For a midstream company, this means there is no need for a large capital investment -- a company does not need to buy or own hardware or hire IT staff to manage servers, databases, and software. Technical, logistical and hardware issues are all handled by the eLynx team.

eLynx is plug and play for a midstream company. We are the complete solution that is easy to work with in every way.  

2. We get midstream companies up and running quickly because we have the entire team

Time is always of the essence. Because we have the full team of experts for every aspect of SCADA, we can get a SCADA system fully functional in less than 90 days. With many installations under our belt, our team knows what equipment works best in specific situations and we always make sure everything is fully integrated and works seamlessly together.  eLynx also works with existing equipment you may have already installed to process data, including sensors, communication devices, and communications networks.

3. Receipt and delivery points are monitored in real-time

One of the major uses of a pipeline SCADA system for a midstream company is to constantly monitor and precisely measure the flow of liquids from and to receipt and delivery points. In addition, eLynx offers remote tank level monitoring for multiple tanks or storage. Real-time data collection makes it possible for the mid-stream company and its customers to always know what is going on in an oil or natural gas pipeline.

The timeliness and detail of the data makes the mid-stream company shine with the companies it works with. If problems occur, these will be caught quickly before an issue becomes a bigger problem.

4. Always know what is going on at a glance with our mobile app and dashboard

eLynx is well known for its accurate and reliable data collection. Yet, data is only powerful if it can be understood and used by as many people as possible in a company. We have created the most used mobile app in the oil and gas industry and, in turn, allowed many more data-driven decisions to be made, no matter where people are.

At the heart of the eLynx experience is the user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy to know exactly what is going on, spot issues, answer questions, and quickly dive deeper on how an operation is doing. The dashboards can be customized for each user so it only shows what is relevant for a particular person.

eLynx supplies data in a way that makes for quicker and better decisions.  

5. Notify the right people immediately with best-in-industry pipeline alarm management

Pipeline SCADA alarm management is an essential part of any SCADA system. They detect problems that require attention so they can be watched more closely or fixed before they become costly. Alarms managed well can pay for a SCADA control system many times over by notifying the right people at the right time of potential problems.

eLynx has a wide range of alarm settings and schemes that are easy to set up and manage as needed. Users can set thresholds for such things as flow rates, pressure, and line balance. They can even set an alarm for multiple variables at once.

Through better alarming, eLynx helps companies catch problems early before they turn into bigger, costlier problems. Our alarms also save significant labor costs in two ways. First, time is saved by knowing when to send the right person into the field with the right equipment and supplies to resolve an issue. Second, eLynx will help you avoid sending someone into the field when they do not need to go. Other SCADA systems have rudimentary alarms that quickly fatigue their users, which causes people to ignore them.

What is also unique about eLynx is that notifications can be customized for people in specific roles. Recipients will only receive notifications that are precise and relevant.

6. Automated, custom reporting for your people and 3rd parties

eLynx has thought through how people need to use their data to make an impact. One of our most used features is custom reports. These can be scheduled to automatically deliver daily, weekly or within whatever amount of time makes sense for a team member. These can be delivered any way you want them on any device.

Midstream companies are constantly in contact with various 3rd parties. eLynx SCADA makes it easy to give access and reports to only the data that they require. This saves midstream companies from having to constantly run reports and answer questions. It makes relationships friction free and transparent. It saves a lot of time, hassle, and headaches.

eLynx SCADA is built in oil and gas and ideal for midstream companies

There is a great range of SCADA offerings. Because eLynx has focused on oil and gas for the last 20 years, we are far ahead when it comes to our technology, features, user interfaces, and expertise.

Mid-stream companies need a total solution that is easy to use by their own people and their customers. eLynx provides a proven beginning-to-end solution that helps companies improve their operations, efficiency and decision making.

Our analytics show that companies that use eLynx have many frequent daily and weekly users in a company across a wide-range of roles. When data gets used, better decisions get made and businesses become more profitable.

Let our team learn about your mid-stream operation. We’ll be able to show you how eLynx will help you better run your company and strengthen relationships with your customers.

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