Ryan Purdy

Account Executives & Customer Success

Ryan joined eLynx in April 2015. His role on the Customer Success team includes working with new customers to onboard them with eLynx applications, as well as working with current customers on eLynx application special projects. Ryan also provides training to new and current customers. He noted that he really enjoys building relationships with customer and thrives on the interaction. Ryan's 15 years of prior experience was with production companies where he worked with production accounting systems and SCADA systems to bring in the best data for their operations. 

In his spare time, Ryan loves staying fit by running and doing Crossfit. He says it helps him clear his mind and makes him feel like a better person.

When asked what he enjoys most about eLynx, Ryan said, "The eLynx team is like a second family to me. I feel I can talk to anyone in the eLynx team about anything and they will be there for me! I love how we are so close to each other and the leadership at eLynx is the best! Everyone is very involved and willing to help with any project or lend a hand if needed. We have the best team in the industry!"

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