Virginia Hess

Account Executives & Customer Success

Virginia joined eLynx in September 2017. As an Account Executive, she truly believes in working with customers to identify their needs and provide solutions. Virginia has a passion for people and problem solving, so she strives to listen and understand a client's needs in order to work together to deliver effective solutions, combined with the goal of building long-lasting customer relationships. Prior to eLynx, she has more than 20 years of account management and consultative selling experience in various industries.

A fun fact about Virginia is that she loves using photographs to make personalized cards and books. More proof that she adds a personal touch to everything she does.

When asked what she enjoys about eLynx Virginia said, "There's a culture of respect, regardless of pay or position. Leadership has an open door and idea-sharing is encouraged by all. When one person wins, we all win. It's very much an "all hands on deck" team environment.

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