Jason Riem

Support & Field Services

Jason joined eLynx in June 2007. In his role as SCADA Support Engineer, he is the SCADA Support lead for customers with thousands of assets to a single well site. Jason works one-on-one with customers setting up training needs, interface layout, Discrete and Data setpoint configurations, trend files from RTUs, reporting needs, field installation requirement and communication needs. Communication setups include cell modems, SAT modems, Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, routers, switches, MDS and Freewave radio systems. He specializes in PLC/modbus configuration and setup. Jason's previous 17 years experience was with ONEOK Inc as a measurement analyst and SCADA Admin.

Outside of eLynx, Jason is an avid hunter and outdoorsman. He loves to travel with his family and explore the country as much as possible.

When asked what he enjoys most about eLynx, Jason said, "Small and family oriented. We all care and want the best for one another. We all communicate and work well with each other to provide the best service for our company."

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