eLynx SCADA: A Plan for Every Budget

Discover how different SCADA plans can fit an organization's budgetary restraints and functionality needs.

As the leading cloud SCADA solution, eLynx often hears smaller energy and utility operators say they would love to use eLynx’s modern SCADA system, but they fear that they can’t afford it. eLynx is quick to correct operators and let them know that our service and pricing is designed to provide SCADA for all operators, not just the big guys. Starting at just $10 per asset, eLynx provides Field Data Capture, SCADA, and Data Historian solutions for operators of all sizes.

Choose a SCADA service plan that fits your functionality needs, based on the size of your operations and the data requirements of your organization.

The Limited SCADA Plan

The Limited SCADA plan was created for operators with marginal wells, requiring daily production data visibility. This plan includes daily and hourly archive data, once-a-day data collection, and up to 12 tags.

With the limited SCADA Plan, alarming notifications are delivered daily. Daily updates include the following hourly tags: Volume, Temperature, Differential, Static Pressure, Energy, and Flow Time.

The following features are included in the Limited SCADA Plan:

API Calls: Leverage the eLynx API to automate data exchanges. Learn More.

Mobile Application: The eLynx Mobile App makes it easy to check the status of your assets when you are on the go and to capture contextual data that is not captured via automation. Learn More.

Multi-Factor Authentication: Secure user logins with multifactor authentication (MFA). Users are required to present a combination of credentials to verify their identity before accessing any data.

Voice-to-Text Field Notes: Use voice-to-text on your mobile device to capture field notes by talking versus typing.

Automated Asset Grouping: Assign attributes to devices and utilize metadata to dynamically group assets based on attributes, such as route and device types.

Alarm Dashboard: The Alarm Dashboard gives operators an overview of everything they need to know about their alarms. Quickly see the number of alarms each employee receives daily. View what types of alerts or assets alarm the most often and more. Learn More.

Scheduled Reports: Schedule and receive automated reports monthly, weekly, or daily about the analytics that matter most to you. Operators may utilize canned reports or create custom reports. From the user-friendly HMI, users may display, download, and schedule report distribution.

Alarm Escalations: Utilize alarm escalations, or tiers, to determine who receives an alarm and when. Easily notify different subgroups when alarms remain unacknowledged for a specific duration of time.

Alarm Schedules: Alarm schedules prevent personnel from being disturbed by alarms on their days off. Operators can help decrease alarm fatigue and increase employee satisfaction with Alarm Schedules.

Disaster Recovery: With eLynx Technologies, notifications are never missed. We deploy primary and secondary voice, text, and email services. Data redundancy minimizes potential data loss with the automatic creation of primary and secondary copies of data. Operators can stay informed through complete transparency regarding any potential application issues that may affect your operations by accessing the application status page. Our redundant networks and data centers increase service reliability and minimize downtime of the application.

Field Data Capture: Operators with marginal assets or assets without automation use the eLynx Field Data Capture service to gain mobile data entry, real-time data syncing, and modern integration capabilities. Learn More.

The Basic SCADA Plan

The Basic SCADA plan is designed for operators just getting started with leveraging their data. This plan includes up to 15-minute data granularity and data collection and unlimited tags.

The Basic SCADA Plan includes all the features from the Limited SCADA Plan, plus these additional features:

Image View: Easily add graphical context to your data to help surface and analyze operational issues. Image View allows all users to create and customize their own screens with support for demand scan requests, edit capabilities, and interactive alarm banners at either a group or device level. Learn More.

Tank Visualizations: Graphically view single phase or dual phase tank volumes at the battery or individual tank levels along with pressures and pump statuses. Take action by entering gauge sheets or capturing hauls with run tickets.

Daily Liquid Production Calculations: Calculate daily liquid production based on tank volumes and allocate based on your allocation method, such as meter readings, well tests, etc. Expedite daily liquid production volume calculations with run tickets being immediately loaded to the application.

Demand Scan Capability: Initiate an instantaneous poll when you need current data.

Commands/Write Down Capability: Start/stop pumps, open/close valves, initiate ESD, etc. All commands are subject to user security permissions and logged in the asset control history. Keep track of remote settings changes and control write-downs. The system logs user commands noting who changed what when, and what they changed it from and to.

The Premium SCADA + Historian Plan

The Premium SCADA + Historian plan is intended for operators wanting more insight from their data. This plan includes up to 5-minute data granularity and data collection and unlimited tags.

The Premium SCADA + Historian Plan includes all the features from the Limited and Basic SCADA Plans, plus these additional features:

Production Dashboard: View actual production versus target production over time across an entire field or a single lease route. Learn More.

Well Review: Organize wells by status, prioritizing which wells need your attention most. Sort target and variance data further within each status group, and quickly see which wells are the furthest off from their expected production.

Events: Utilize the eLynx Event System to enhance data analytics initiatives. The eLynx Event System gives operators a way to obtain a labeled time series data set. Data storage as a time series database can significantly augment the way operators use the eLynx Data Historian for machine learning initiatives.

Custom Forms: Create custom forms allowing users to enter paper form data electronically.

Multi-Conditional Alarms: Utilize Boolean logic to alarm when more than one criterion is met.

Downtime Calculators: Provide operators with a standard list of downtime codes to facilitate better field insights.

Automated Trend Reports: Schedule imports to receive data from a secure FTP or via email. Graph data from a single asset or multiple assets. Graphs can be saved and shared amongst users.

Archive Distribution: Remotely collect hourly and daily archive files for measurement and custody transfer records. Distribute hourly and daily archive files directly to your in-house measurement group or third-party measurement company.

Automated Tank Haul Calcs: Automatically generate estimated haul tickets based on tank levels to get production numbers faster and reconcile against run tickets.

BI Integration with Spotfire, Tableau, and Power BI: Share data with other systems, such as production accounting, reservoir engineering, and BI tools. Discover meaningful data insights with the eLynx application using our native connectors to tools like Spotfire and Tableau. There is no need to build custom integrations. Our universal API can connect to most third-party APIs.

The Expert SCADA + Historian Plan

The Expert SCADA + Historian plan is for large operators who are ready to turn their data insights into action. This plan includes up to 1-minute data granularity and data collection and unlimited tags.

The Expert SCADA + Historian Plan includes all the features from the Limited, Basic, and Premium SCADA +Historian Plans, plus these additional features:

Rules Engine: The eLynx Rules Engine can reduce alarm fatigue, increase operator response time, and offer oil and gas operators a real-time diagnostic tool. The Rules Engine allows operators to alarm when multiple conditions on multiple variables are met. Learn More.

Single Sign-On (SSO): Streamline user management with single sign-on (SSO) via Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) for both the desktop application and mobile application.

Dedicated Support Lead: Operators with the Expert SCADA + Historian Plan are assigned a dedicated support lead from our Customer Support Team to help with speedy ticket resolution and help with training new team members.

Find the Right SCADA Plan for Your Operations

Get real-time, continuous monitoring of your organization’s OT and IT data. Control operational processes: change setpoints, adjust valve controls, or perform electronic shutdowns remotely. Receive reports on metrics that measure performance indicators, historical trends, and alarms. A low-cost SCADA system for your oilfield with all the necessary functionality is within reach.

Since 2000, eLynx has helped hundreds of operators get more value out of their data including customers with existing SCADA systems like Cygnet, Ignition, ZDScada, SitePro, Wonderware, ClearSCADA, GeoSCADA, ZediSCADA, and more.

Book a session with one of our Customer Success Representatives to find the right SCADA plan for your oil and gas organization. Book Now.


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