9 Ways to Streamline Operations Using the eLynx Production Dashboard

The eLynx Production Dashboard helps operators and engineers quickly identify which wells need their attention.

9 Ways to Streamline Operations Using the eLynx Production Dashboard

The eLynx Production Dashboard helps operators and engineers quickly identify which wells need their attention. The Production Dashboard automatically categorizes producing wells, down wells, wells that are at risk of going down, and wells that are not communicating. The well status, combined with the target production and production variance amounts, allows operators and engineers to immediately focus on the greatest production impact.

Read below to find out how operators are using the eLynx Production Dashboard on a daily basis to improve their operational efficiency and streamline decision-making.

1. Mirror your operations.

Once you have set up your wells in the eLynx site and loaded your production targets, the Production Dashboard automatically works for any group that has wells in it. If you have eight pumper routes and two fields already set up as groups in your eLynx site, each of those groups will have their own individual Production Dashboard. You have a built-in overview of your production at all levels of your operation, from a company level down to an operating area, to a field, to a route.  

2. Analyze overall field health.

For any group of wells, view today’s gas, oil and water production stacked up against target production and the past 30 days daily production. Today is easily compared to the last month’s daily production to indicate proximity to target production or to bring attention to any noticeable trends across the entire field.

3. Automate well status updates.

The Production Dashboard organizes every well by status.  The 'Production Status' shows the number of wells that are currently in one of the following states:(1) Ongoing Events (configurable by company to expose potential issues) (2) Down (the well has no production for a set duration), (3) Unknown (the well has not communicated for a set amount of time), and (4) Producing.

4. View total production by well status.

The Production Dashboard presents the target daily production volume associated with the various statuses. Operators can instantly see how much production volume is associated with Down Wells and wells that are At Risk of being down.

5. Drill down to individual wells using a well list organized by status and production variance.

With production targets loaded into your eLynx application, the Production Dashboard allows users to view their wells based on the greatest loss first. The Targets and Variance can be viewed in one of the following: (1) MCF, (2) BBL, (3) BOE and (4) $$$ or Well Economics.

6. Click through wells to display your preferred graph for each well or create a new graph.

Operators and engineers can click from well to well to view their preferred graph for that well or create a new graph if need be. Discover more out-of-the box visualization tools.

7. View field notes and control settings changes alongside and within your graphs.

Field notes, control settings changes, and alarms are displayed in a separate Well History pane alongside your graphs to provide operators and engineers with all the information they need in one place.  The Well History events can also be easily toggled on and off to display directly on the graph in line with the time series data.

8. Take action easily.

Once a problem on a well has been identified and diagnosed, the natural next step is to take action. Make remote settings changes directly from the well investigation screen or add a note to the Well History.

9. Pump by Priority via eLynx mobile app.

All of the Production Dashboard features are also available in the eLynx mobile app. Discover how you can leverage the eLynx Alarm Dashboard to minimize alarm fatigue.

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