Empowering Every User to Create Their Own SCADA Screens

In the eLynx System, users can build their own custom screens that are relevant to their role and responsibilities. The best part is you do not have to be a data visualization specialist to use it. It’s as easy as uploading an image and dragging and dropping the data values you want to see to the location you want to see them.

Every User Can Build Their Own Screens

eLynx users can upload custom images, choose objects, and customize everything on the Image View screen to replicate their operations digitally. Image View allows all users to create and customize their own screens with support for demand scan requests, editing capabilities, and interactive alarm banners at either a group or device level. Add graphical context to help analyze operational issues.

Replicate Screens from Previous/Other Systems

Change is not always easy. When switching to a new SCADA system, it can be an adjustment. Thankfully, the eLynx system makes it easy to replicate the screens that operators are most familiar with.

With SCADA, there is never going to be a “one size fits all” scenario. Users have preferences. When change management occurs, users can simply recreate the screens they loved. Additionally, SCADA administrators no longer need to serve as the sole screen creators. On the eLynx system, users can create screens all on their own.

Create Custom Views to Optimize Your Control Room

If your control room screens are not giving you all the data you need in one screen, then you can create a custom Image View that fits your specific needs. Some of our customers are creating screens just for their control rooms.

When you are creating views for 80-inch monitors, you can fit a lot of data into one view. You can fit all the valid points of data that you are interested in on one screen. Below is an example of what some operators are creating for their control rooms.

Alarms Displayed Below Each View

If you are looking at an Image View, you can keep track of any alarm that is active for that operational area. Alarms are displayed below each Image View and contain essential alarm details. The objective behind the Image View feature is to ingest data as quickly as possible so that operations can keep running smoothly.

The image below shows how the alarms will be displayed across the bottom of the screen. This gives analysts and operators easy access to the information they need to make important operational decisions quickly. Control room operators can view alarm details and acknowledge alarms from the Image View screen.

Add Layers to Drill Down into Your System

When issues arise, analysts need to uncover more details within the data to solve them. eLynx designed the Image View feature to accommodate subsystems that likely exist within your operating systems. Add layers to your Image View so that you can drill down into more data and information that you need.

The Image View Options are Endless

Create a Schematic Image View

Upload a schematic system of your facility to see how all your end devices work together.

Views for Every Industry

You do not have to be in oil and gas to find a need for the Image View feature. Some of our longest-standing customers have been utilizing the Image View feature to mirror their operating system in the water industry.

Add Instructional Text for Less Experienced Operators

Engineers and automation technicians had been using a canned plunger screen in their operations previous SCADA system. The canned screens they were using had too much irrelevant data and not enough instructional information for their new operators.

When they came onto the eLynx system, they removed all the data that they were not using on their plunger controllers. And with the help of the eLynx Customer Success team, the company created new screens which they found much more usable.

Leverage Canned Image Views to Display Data

The eLynx application comes with canned Image Views built-in and these views can be modified to fit your needs. You do not have to be a data visualization specialist to design a view in the eLynx application, but in case you need any help, our customer success team members would be happy to assist you with a design. Here are a few examples:

Share or Restrict Access to Your Image Views

Users can keep their custom views private or share with others in the organization. You can control all aspects of what is displayed—from the image, labels, units, and even an option to show a brief history of datapoints. Image Views are easily shared among coworkers or managers and kept safe from unwanted changes with read-only share permissions.

eLynx allows administrators to have controls for the purposes of security without creating production-delaying data silos. All users, not just administrators, have the capability to build reports, views, and image views. This helps operators avoid data bottlenecks that restrain productivity.

To recreate your operations within the eLynx application, users need to (1) upload an image, (2) select their devices, (3) and drag and drop data.

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