KC Crews

Support & Field Services

KC Crews joined eLynx in November 2000. As SCADA Support Lead, KC assists customers with everything from setting up new devices, users, modems, schedules, reports and schemes to making changes on the polling server or trouble-shooting issues of any kind. That's why KC is referred to as the "Polling Goddess."

When KC is not assisting customers, she loves to play Minecraft and Beat Saber video games a few times a week. She said she plays Minecraft on her own and Beat Saber with anyone she can talk into it. KC noted, "Minecraft allows you to create and build things, and use your imagination to create your own world, as well as letting you battle zombies, skeletons and the explosive creepers. Beat Saber gives you a fun way to get a little exercise while using light sabers. It gives me the hope of being a Jedi in disguise."

When asked what she enjoys most about eLynx, KC said, "My co-workers and the sense of family we have here."

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