SCADA Monitoring

High-quality operations demand the highest quality data.

High Quality Data Capture

eLynx delivers the industry’s most accurate, reliable data capture: production, tank levels, dynacards, artificial lift components and more.  We're device agnostic, so you get more value from existing sensors. We even hold the patent on collecting data from your existing servers to avoid expensive rip-and-replace deployment.

Real-Time Raw Data Display

The eLynx cloud infrastructure delivers accurate, real-time data to every member of the team, even if they are working remotely using a tablet or smartphone. Configurable views allow everyone to see exactly what they need, when they need it.

Alarms & Notifications

When conditions are critical, the right person needs to know. Now. eLynx alarms are user configurable and can be sent immediately to email or mobile devices. People even have a choice of voice notifications or text.

End-to-End Data Security

From well to cloud to display, eLynx uses 100s of security controls, all working together to protect your data, devices, and people. Our foundation is the Microsoft Azure cloud, with advanced tools to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. We even extend the life of your existing equipment because our device-agnostic SCADA service creates an isolated network that safeguards older, less-secure third-party hardware.

Reliable, Long-Term Data Archiving

eLynx pairs its industry-leading data accuracy with the acclaimed Microsoft Azure cloud to deliver rock-solid archiving. That historical data feeds our Operational Intelligence and Predictive Analytics services to make your data even more valuable to you. And your entire history remains safe and secure in case you ever need it.

Field Services and Communication

Designing, deploying, and maintaining technology for the patch is demanding. The eLynx field services team delivers extraordinary sensor and communication network uptime in the face of extreme weather, remote locations, and the constant flow of heavy equipment. Most of our team started in the field working for oil and gas operators and have great stories to show for it. We serve every major basin in North America to make sure production teams have the data they need to boost production and control costs.

About SCADA Monitoring

Production teams convert data into dollars. Daily decisions to drive production and control cost require complete, accurate SCADA. But not all SCADA systems stack up: faulty pipeline pressures and pump reading hide problems, inaccurate tank levels lead to expensive spills and missing flow reports force engineers to fly blind.  Even on the best days, mind-numbing raw data displays mean the team spends more time staring at computer screens than solving problems.

eLynx SCADA is different. We deliver unmatched accuracy because we combine field-hardened sensor and communication networks with automated data validation. We display that high-quality data with intuitive, configurable views to improve field productivity. And all day and night, that reliable, real-time data fuels custom alarms to support safe, profitable operations.

Using your existing sensors or new equipment installed by our seasoned field services team, eLynx delivers secure, cloud-based SCADA as a service. With our service approach, you can upgrade to the industry's leading SCADA system without big upfront investments. And you can deploy in days or weeks instead of the usual months.

Upgrade your operations today

eLynx has the expertise and solutions to improve oil and gas production and lower costs.

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