The Pain Points of Field Data Capture in the Oil and Gas Industry

In the oil and gas industry, field data capture faces challenges such as data silos, manual processes, security concerns, and legacy systems. eLynx Technologies’ Field Data Capture Service addresses these pain points by offering mobile data entry, automated calculations, custom forms, seamless data access, and integration of unautomated and automated data.

In the fast-paced world of oil and gas operations, accurate data capture is the lifeblood of efficient decision-making. However, navigating the complexities of field data collection can be challenging. Let’s delve into the pain points faced by operators and analysts in the oil and gas industry:

1. Data Silos

Challenge: SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems collect vast amounts of data from sensors, controllers, and meters. Unfortunately, this data often resides in scattered silos—across devices, systems, and formats. Proprietary protocols and legacy systems exacerbate the situation, hindering seamless integration.

Impact: Operators struggle to access a holistic view of operations due to fragmented data. Incompatibility between systems leads to inefficiencies and delays.

Solution: eLynx Technologies tackles data silos by providing an integrated ecosystem that leverages modern cloud platforms, data science, and industry partnerships. Their approach ensures seamless data flow, predictive analytics, and proactive insights, allowing operators to manage issues before they occur and optimize production.

2. Data Quality

Challenge: SCADA data isn’t always pristine. Incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated information plagues the landscape. Legacy systems lack essential features like event time-stamping, compromising data validity. Validation mechanisms may be inadequate, allowing errors to slip through undetected.

Impact: Decision-making based on flawed data jeopardizes safety, efficiency, and profitability.

Solution: eLynx Technologies prioritizes data quality through a comprehensive approach. They’ve developed an industry-first scorecard to assess data quality across wells and equipment, identifying problems and opportunities.

3. Data Complexity

Challenge: SCADA data can be as intricate as a spider’s web. High-frequency or high-resolution data floods storage and computing capacities. Operators grapple with interpreting diverse data streams. Advanced analytical techniques remain elusive.

Impact: Overwhelmed operators struggle to extract meaningful insights from the data deluge.

Solution: eLynx's user-configurable data visualization tools allow unlimited users to view data in various ways, expediting analysis and ensuring that the right visualization matches the data. eLynx’s native connectors seamlessly transfer SCADA data into tools like Spotfire and Tableau, unlocking insights and enhancing decision-making.

4. Manual Processes

Challenge: Manual data entry persists, especially for non-automated assets. Field personnel jot down tank levels, daily readings, and maintenance logs. These handwritten notes coexist with automated data, creating a patchwork quilt of information.

Impact: Inconsistent formats, delays, and human error hinder efficient data processing.

Solution: eLynx Technologies effectively mitigates the risks associated with manual processes in field data capture. Operators gain real-time data syncing via mobile devices, reducing reliance on paper forms and manual note-taking. Customizable electronic forms and voice-to-text capabilities streamline data collection, minimizing errors and delays. Additionally, eLynx brings in manual data alongside automated information, ensuring a holistic view of operations.

5. Data Access Delays

Challenge: Operators spend precious time accessing and integrating data from disparate sources. Network congestion, system failures, and manual processes contribute to delays.

Impact: Productivity suffers, and critical decisions hang in the balance.

Solution: eLynx ensures that SCADA data is not scattered across different devices or systems, avoiding data silos. By providing efficient tools for data access, they enhance overall productivity and reduce delays caused by network congestion. eLynx focuses on accurate and consistent data. They implement validation and verification mechanisms to detect and correct errors or anomalies. This ensures reliable data analysis and decision-making. SCADA data can be complex and voluminous. eLynx manages high-frequency or high-resolution data effectively, preventing system overload and ensuring efficient processing.

6. Incomplete Insights

Challenge: Without a unified view of both automated and manual data, operators miss the big picture. Field notes, chemical treatment records, and tank levels remain disjointed.

Impact: Informed decisions require a comprehensive understanding of all relevant data.

Solution: eLynx’s web-based and mobile solutions deliver real-time data from various sources, including sensors, controllers, and meters. By consolidating data in one place, operators gain a holistic view of their operations, optimizing production while minimizing costs and risks. eLynx empowers organizations with out-of-the-box visualizations that allow unlimited users to explore data in meaningful ways. These customizable tools enhance analysis and facilitate informed decision-making.

7. Data Security

Challenge: Ensuring secure remote access to SCADA data is no small feat. Balancing accessibility with robust security measures is critical.

Impact: Breaches compromise sensitive information and operational integrity.

Solution: eLynx ensures user logins by requiring a combination of credentials for identity verification before accessing any data. Industry-standard encryption safeguards data both in transit and at rest. Additionally, routine penetration testing and System and Organization Controls (SOC) audits maintain robust security standards. eLynx is leveraging cloud platforms, investing in security infrastructure, and employing identity and access management (IAM) to prevent unauthorized tampering with critical systems. Learn more about eLynx's security measures here.

8. Legacy Systems

Challenge: Aging SCADA systems lack modern features. Upgrading is costly and disruptive.

Impact: Operators grapple with outdated tools, hindering progress.

Solution: eLynx enables organizations to modernize their existing SCADA systems without the need for complete replacement. This approach minimizes disruption and preserves existing investments while incorporating modern features and capabilities. eLynx combines modernization, mobile access, unified data management, and advanced features to stay at the forefront of SCADA technology and application development.

eLynx Technologies is not considered a legacy system. eLynx actively focuses on modernization and staying up-to-date with current application development practices.

9. Scalability

Challenge: As operations expand, so does data volume. Scalability becomes a challenge, especially for legacy systems.

Impact: Bottlenecks impede growth and agility.

Solution: eLynx Technologies ensures seamless scalability for their solutions. Whether you’re a small mom and pop shop or managing a large oil and gas corporation, eLynx Water Solutions scales effortlessly, accommodating growth without compromising efficiency. Additionally, their cloud-based SCADA system leverages elastic scalability, allowing adjustments based on demand, seasonal spikes, or expansion.

10. Lack of Real-Time Insights

Challenge: Delayed data processing prevents real-time insights. Operators need timely information to optimize production and respond swiftly to anomalies.

Impact: Missed opportunities and reactive rather than proactive decision-making.

Solution: eLynx Water Solutions offers real-time insights, proactive alarming, streamlined compliance, and scalability for oil and gas operators. Their cloud-based SCADA solution provides real-time insights into critical parameters like flow rates, pressures, and system performance. With an intuitive mobile app, users can access this information from anywhere, ensuring informed decision-making. Additionally, eLynx’s cry-out alarming solution prevents costly downtime by alerting operators promptly when issues arise.

Solving the Puzzle

Efficient data access lies at the heart of overcoming these pain points. Operators must seek SCADA providers armed with the right tools—ones that bridge data silos, ensure quality, simplify complexity, and empower real-time decision-making. The oil and gas industry thrives on data; let’s ensure it flows seamlessly.

eLynx’s Field Data Capture Service empowers oil and gas operators to stay agile, make informed decisions, and optimize their field processes. Explore the possibilities and revolutionize your operations with eLynx!

Learn about eLynx's Field Data Capture services and discover how we've managed to circumvent these points of pain and exceed operator expectations.

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