Reliable and Accurate: eLynx’s Alarm Management Tools

In the high-stakes world of oil and gas, every second counts. Discover how eLynx’s cutting-edge alarm management tools revolutionize operations. From redundant pads ensuring uninterrupted communication to the precision of the Rules Engine, eLynx delivers reliability and accuracy where it matters most.

In the fast-paced world of oil and gas operations, reliable alarm management is not just a convenience—it’s a necessity. Enter eLynx Technologies, a trailblazer in providing robust alarm solutions that keep operations running smoothly. Let’s explore how eLynx’s alarm management tools stand out:

1. The eLynx Alarm Dashboard: A Bird’s Eye View

  • Alarm Fatigue: Oil and gas producers and midstream operators can receive over 50 alarms in a single day. Alarm fatigue is a real concern.
  • The Solution: eLynx’s Alarm Dashboard provides a bird’s eye view of every alarm sent. Operators can quickly comprehend the number of alarms each employee receives daily and identify which assets or alerts trigger the most frequent alarms.
  • Refining Set Point Accuracy: The Alarm Dashboard displays information about notifications sent from alarm setpoints. Operators can pinpoint noisy alarms and prevent alarm fatigue symptoms by periodically reviewing set point accuracy.

2. Redundant Paths: Ensuring Alarm Delivery

  • The Challenge: If your primary server, comm provider, or network fails, continuity is disrupted, and alarm delivery fails as a result.
  • eLynx’s Approach: eLynx uses redundant communication paths to ensure alarms get delivered to operations personnel. These paths ensure that even if one communication path fails (e.g., cellular network, email server, etc.), the redundant path takes over seamlessly.
  • Reliability: Redundant paths eliminate single points of failure by swiftly switching to backup components. For mission-critical processes, redundancy is essential to prevent costly downtime.
  • Accuracy: When an alarm is triggered, redundant paths ensure that the alarm information reaches recipients without interruption.

3. The Rules Engine: Transforming Traditional Alarming

  • Traditional Alarm Management: Usually alarms trigger on-the-spot, flooding operators with notifications for each occurrence.
  • eLynx’s Innovation: The Rules Engine allows operators to alarm based on the ‘last known value’ over a specified time period. For instance, an alarm can be set to trigger only if a reading has been above a certain threshold for more than 15 minutes.
  • Precision: By avoiding transient alarms, the Rules Engine ensures that operators focus on meaningful events, reducing noise and enhancing accuracy.

4. Shift-Specific Notifications: Targeted Alerts

  • The Problem: Not all alarms require immediate attention round the clock.
  • Customization: eLynx incorporates shift schedules into alarm schemes. Employees receive notifications only during their work shift.
  • Efficiency: Targeted alerts prevent redundant notifications and ensure that the right people get notified at the right time.

Where Data Meets Efficiency

eLynx’s alarm management tools go beyond conventional solutions. With redundant pads, precise alarming, and targeted notifications, eLynx ensures that operators stay informed without drowning in noise. When reliability and accuracy matter, eLynx delivers.

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