Data Capture

Creating a dataset ready for analytics requires capturing and consolidating the right data from a wide variety of sensors, databases and third parties.

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We combine the industries most robust SCADA toolset with field data capture tools and third-party integrations to build the most extensive foundational dataset.


For customers that have their own SCADA system who want to leverage eLynx’s application, eLynx is able to establish a data connection to then host and display the data. Elynx is also able to bring in data from third parties, like pipelines, to allow customers to view both their production data and pipeline data in one application.


eLynx is device agnostic. We work with all major hardware manufacturers and are able to poll all lift types and popular controllers.

Manually Enter

Operators can manually enter in values and field notes into the eLynx application. The mobile app allows offline entry as well, so if there is no internet access, the app will store and forward the information upon establishing a connection.

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