Remote “Access” vs. A True Mobile Application

Many SCADA mobile applications look like exact replicas of the Web browser from the desktop version of the SCADA solution. The eLynx Mobile App is a true mobile application, specifically designed with end-users in mind.

User-friendly SCADA mobile applications are a necessity, not a luxury. Sadly, not all SCADA software providers share this philosophy. Some SCADA providers think that remote access to their Website is sufficient. The reality is oil and gas operators need a remote control system (a mobile app) that is specific to their needs.

Outdated mobile applications are generally accompanied by miniscule text sizes and frustrating accidental clicks. Not to mention, when in a remote location, internet access is not always available. The eLynx Mobile App is a true mobile application, specifically designed for operators within the oil and gas industry.

Make Decisions Using Real-Time Data.

It is important to remedy problems quickly when they arise. Trend data can change instantly. Your team should be informing decisions and solving problems based on current data. Oil and gas operators cannot risk making important decisions based on assumptions that are outdated. 

Understanding operations failures in real-time helps operators pinpoint problems when they happen and fix issues quickly. In many cases, real-time data can help oil and gas operators prevent issues from occurring. 

Operators in the field are using their phones to check, capture, and process data. Additionally, real-time data is used to prioritize their work and make decisions. Even executives regularly check the eLynx Mobile Application to get updates on production volumes or high producing wells.

Quickly understand the status of your oil and gas operations.

No One in Your Company Will Complain about the eLynx Mobile App.

eLynx Technologies designed the Mobile App to be intuitive and to fit the needs of every user. Our talented software team designed a user experience that encourages more people to use it. The usability of our solution expands how much they use it to impact the business. 

No Charge per Mobile User. Everyone on Your Team Can Download and Use the eLynx Mobile App.

It can be frustrating to pay an extra fee for every additional member using a mobile app. With the eLynx Mobile App, you get unlimited users. Meaning, everyone in your company can enjoy the benefits of using the eLynx Mobile Application. Mobile access is free with any of our services.

Custom Views Make the eLynx Mobile App More Useful to Everyone.

The eLynx Mobile App can be customized, displaying relevant data for a user based on their role in the company. Every operator, executive, production engineer, or well technician has a specific way they prefer to see the data. Within the eLynx Mobile App, each user can easily create their own views. 

The eLynx application comes with canned views, but users can organize their views for what matters most to them. Users can keep their custom views private or share with others in the organization.

View data in tabular or graphical views.

Always Know What is Going on at a Glance with our Mobile App.

The eLynx Mobile Application is a true mobile application designed with operators in mind. Operators can easily understand the data being presented and control operations with the touch of a button.

At the heart of eLynx is the user-friendly experience. The eLynx Mobile App makes it easy to know exactly what is going on, spot issues, and analyze operations. eLynx supplies data in a way that makes for quicker and better decisions.

Increase Collaboration between Field & Office with the eLynx Mobile App.

Easily capture contextual data that is not captured via automation, like downtime codes, field notes, and even photos. Operators can easily capture field notes by speaking into their phone using the voice to text option. The field notes are instantly captured in the eLynx system. Engineers and executives can see the operator’s notes alongside the graphs they are viewing.

Conduct Field Data Capture from Anywhere.

Devices do not have to be connected to store information. Utilize offline entry when there is no internet access. The eLynx Mobile App will store and forward data upon establishing an internet connection.

Within the eLynx Mobile App, it is easy to collect and make use of all your data to make decisions. Capture, store, export, monitor and control data at any time and any place. Useful information will never get missed or unused.

Capture non-automated field notes with the eLynx mobile application.

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