Beyond the Basics: How eLynx’s Field Data Capture Elevates Oil & Gas Operations

Effective data management in the field can be a complex challenge to navigate. eLynx provides oil and gas operators with a Field Data Capture solution that empowers operators when they are on-the-go and keeps engineers in the loop with what is going on in the field.

In the dynamic world of oil and gas production, efficient data management is crucial. eLynx Technologies steps up to the plate with its robust Field Data Capture Service (FDC), empowering operators to streamline their field operations and enhance productivity.

What Is Field Data Capture?

Field Data Capture is the process of collecting critical information directly from the field, enabling real-time insights and efficient decision-making. Whether you’re an operator with marginal assets or high-producing, fully automated assets, the field data capture service encompasses the needs of both.

What Is eLynx’s Field Data Capture Service?

eLynx’s Field Data Capture Service caters to operators with marginal assets or those lacking full automation. Let’s dive into the key features:

1. Mobile Data Entry

Operators can now capture field data directly from their mobile devices. Upload images, record a voice memo, or type out a note for context. Whether you’re at a remote wellsite or in the control room, eLynx ensures real-time data syncing. The mobile app empowers field personnel to enter critical information on the go, eliminating delays and enhancing collaboration between field and office teams.

Find out more about our Mobile App here.

2. Non-Automated Field Data

For assets without automation, eLynx bridges the gap. Operators with marginal assets or those lacking automation infrastructure can still benefit from the Field Data Capture service. Here’s how:

  • Tank Levels: Enter single-phase or dual-phase tank level readings.
  • Daily Field Values: Capture essential daily field readings, including volumes, pressures, choke sizes, and well statuses.
  • Downtime Codes: Provide operators with a standard list of downtime codes for better field insights.
  • Chemical Treatments: Keep track of well maintenance inventory, such as chemicals, soap sticks, and lubricants.
  • Custom Forms: Create custom forms to allow users to enter paper form data electronically, improving collaboration between field and office teams.
  • Capture Field Notes: Log pertinent information directly from the field.
  • Voice-to-Text Field Notes: Use voice-to-text on your mobile device to capture field notes by talking instead of typing.

3. Automated Calculations

eLynx takes the guesswork out of calculations. The Field Data Capture service automates critical calculations, ensuring accuracy and efficiency:

  • Tank Gauge Sheets: Automate monthly gauge sheets with tank level readings, tank strappings, and run tickets. These automated calculations feed into daily liquid production calculations.
  • Capture Hauls and Run Tickets: Expedite daily liquid production volume calculations by immediately loading run tickets into the application.
  • Liquid Production Allocation: Calculate daily liquid production based on tank volumes and allocate it using methods such as meter readings or well tests.
  • Automated Haul Detection: Generate estimated haul tickets automatically based on tank levels, speeding up production reporting and reconciliation against run tickets.

4. Custom Forms and Electronic Signatures

eLynx empowers operators to create custom forms tailored to their specific needs. These forms can include electronic signatures, ensuring compliance and accountability. Whether it’s safety checklists, maintenance logs, or incident reports, eLynx’s custom forms streamline data collection and approval processes.

5. Easy Data In, Easy Data Out

Operators can access and transfer data seamlessly. eLynx offers:

  • API Integration: Leverage the eLynx API to automate data exchanges with other systems.
  • Scheduled Imports/Exports: Set up scheduled imports or exports to post or receive data securely via FTP or email.
  • Data File Export: Export data to Excel or PDF formats, with customizable export settings.
  • Data File Import: Import data from CSV or Excel files using the data import tool, with saved data mappings for future use.

Why Operators Call eLynx “Field Data Capture on Steroids”

eLynx’s Field Data Capture Service isn’t just about data entry; it’s a strategic asset. Here’s why operators love it:

  • Real-Time Insights: Instant access to field data means quicker decision-making.
  • Improved Collaboration: Field notes, voice-to-text options, and custom forms enhance collaboration between field and office teams.
  • Efficiency Boost: From tank levels to chemical treatments, eLynx streamlines processes.
  • Secure and Scalable: eLynx ensures data security and grows with your operation.


Starting at just $10 per asset, eLynx provides Field Data Capture solutions for operators of all sizes.


Mobile applications for SCADA are no longer a luxury; they’re a necessity. eLynx’s Field Data Capture Service empowers oil and gas operators to stay ahead in a competitive industry. Explore the possibilities and revolutionize your field operations with eLynx!

Learn more about eLynx’s offerings on our website and stay tuned for more insights on our blog.

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