How Sat4Di Can Help You Monitor Anything, Anywhere

In a variety of industries, the Sat4Di device helps provide operators with dependable monitoring at a cost-effective price point.

The Sat4Di device is a reliable and cost-effective way to monitor your remote assets. The satellite alarm device provides operators with exception-based alarming. The Sat4Di devices uses the Iridium communication network and sends status messages when there is a change in monitored conditions, such as tank levels, power fail, pumps, compressors, and more. This way, operators get near real-time alerts when something goes wrong, with minimal data costs.

Fast and Simple Installation & Integration

The Sat4Di is equipped with a 3 D-cell lithium battery pack that lasts for 5 years. The Sat4Di device is easy to install and configure. The device integrates right into the eLynx SCADA system, allowing operators to leverage the eLynx platform for setting up alarm notifications, configuring inputs, and accessing the alarm historical data. Below is an example of a Sat4Di installation.

The alarming unit features include:

•       NEMA Enclosure

•       Lithium Battery Pack

•       Integrated Satellite Modem with Internal Antenna

•       4 Discrete Digital Inputs

Mounting the Sat4Di Device

The mounting bracket that is provided allows controller to be mounted to a pole using U-bolts. There are 4 dry-contact inputs. Dry contact means no energy is supplied to the contacts.

Add Units Using the eLynx Mobile App

Adding units to the eLynx SCADA system is simple. The IMEI Number is located directly on the unit. The tags are the names of the installed inputs. To configure alarm notifications, customers may call or email eLynx Support to add the appropriate alarm notifications. Users can also use the mobile app to configure alarm notifications from there.

View & Acknowledge Alarms from the eLynx Mobile App

Operators with the Sat4Di device integrated into the eLynx SCADA system can leverage the Mobile App to view and acknowledge alarms on the go.

Alarms may be viewed geographically to help prioritize where to drive to while commuting to make repairs or address problems. For a better operational view, users may upload pipeline shape files.

Ideal Alarming Solution for Most Industries

The Sat4Di device is ideal for applications in the oil and gas, utility, and agriculture industries, where remote monitoring is essential for safety, efficiency, and compliance. With the Sat4Di device, operators can monitor anything, anywhere, and know where it is. Since the device uses the Iridium satellite network, cellular coverage is a nonissue. Additionally, the Sat4Di can be used in harsh environments due to the Class 1, Division 2, Groups C and D rating of the device.

Discover the Sat4Di Difference

The Sat4Di device is a smart and simple solution for your remote monitoring needs. The satellite alarm device provides operators with exception-based alarming. It’s easy to install and integrates seamlessly into the eLynx application. Try it today and start getting alarms for your critical or remote locations.

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