6 Reasons Water Companies Use eLynx’s SCADA System

Discover the reasons why eLynx is ideally suited for water companies.

Samantha McPheter
February 9, 2023

eLynx SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) was born and perfected in some of the toughest oil fields across North America over the last 20 years. Our technology and teams have evolved to provide the most user-friendly, accurate, and reliable SCADA monitoring on the market. We’ve taken our SCADA expertise and applied it to creating water management solutions that are ideal for water companies at a cost-effective price point.

Our SCADA system for water distribution is built to serve rural communities to larger municipalities, and everything in between. Our water customers find that eLynx’s water SCADA system helps them quickly identify problems, know exactly how much water is being delivered, and cut down on frequent and expensive trips to the field. eLynx SCADA is adept at remote water level monitoring, tank level monitoring, and automating controls.  

We asked our water customers to list the biggest benefits of using eLynx. Here are their top 6 responses.

1. Monitor and Control Multiple Facilities in One System and Stay on Top of Problems No Matter Where They Occur

Some municipalities have multiple water facilities. One of the biggest barriers to making use of data is the simple hassle of having to log into multiple systems to get updates. We have learned that people are much less likely to keep up with operations when they have to overcome even the smallest of hurdles.

With eLynx, operators can view and control all of their facilities in one eLynx site. They don’t have to log into a separate system for each facility. This means that it becomes nearly impossible to miss problems -- they are always logged in to every facility.

2. View Data and Control Your Operations from Your Phone to Find and Solve Problems Faster

Water companies want to know how their operations are working at any time by automating monitoring and controlling. They want to know exactly what problem is occurring and make changes as quickly as possible. This also helps them to send the right people to the right place to fix the problem.

eLynx SCADA has the industry’s best user interface, including a mobile app that allows users to stay on top of an operation from anywhere at any time. In fact, we have the most used SCADA mobile app in the entire oil and gas industry.

Not only will operators have access to dashboards, they can also change the settings on equipment as needed from any internet-connected device. eLynx works in offline mode so your people can make changes in remote places that aren’t connected. Once they get connected again, the changes immediately update.

We’ve learned that if operations data is not made easily accessible and approachable, the value of SCADA software is eliminated. eLynx SCADA quickly transforms a water operation because of its ease-of-use in terms of where, when, and how people get information to make decisions and take action.

3. Cloud-based SCADA Solution Makes Data Available Anywhere and Anytime

On-site servers are not ideal as they are expensive, require updates and maintenance. Also, logging in from remote places is usually a hassle.

Having a cloud-based SCADA system means you will have the information you need always at your fingertips no matter where you are or what device you are using. Cloud-based data means there is no server hardware to invest in, no capital outlay, and no need for costly IT support. It is both less expensive and more useful.

4. Alarming and Notifications Allow the Right People to Take Action Quickly

One of the biggest advantages of eLynx SCADA is our top-notch alarming and notification system. What this means for an operation is that the right people on your team will get instantly notified once a problem is detected.

We make it easy to set thresholds that will alarm, for instance, when there is an unexpected change in line pressure or tank levels. We also provide alarm schemes that allow companies to customize where alarms and notifications get directed for a particular event. Nothing is missed and no one suffers from alarm fatigue. With alarming and notifications, water companies learn what is happening in real time allowing them to stop problems before they cost additional time and money.  

5. No Matter the Size or Sophistication of Your Operation, eLynx Scales with Ease

Whether you are a small town or a larger metro area, eLynx’s solutions are ready to be implemented for water companies of different sizes and needs. eLynx has the ability to be fully up and running within days.

We also work to integrate with components of existing SCADA water systems, saving companies money by not needing to fully replace everything. We have a growing list of water customers that range from towns with less than 300 people to larger municipalities.

No town or city is too small or too big for eLynx.

6. Our Full Team of Top Experts in SCADA Make Sure You Get the Most Out of Your Investment

We have built an entire team to handle every aspect of SCADA. Our support and service are regarded as the best in the industry. They help customers get going and stay going no matter what their operation looks like today or where they want to take it tomorrow.

When you have a problem or a new request, our responsive team of experts will figure it out. We’re ready to customize and deliver a solution at a competitive price.  

See What a Difference eLynx SCADA Can Make for Your Water Utility Management

Technology doesn’t have to be hard when you have a company dedicated to the entire user experience like eLynx is. From the moment you contact us, you’ll experience the difference this dedication makes. We help water companies run their operations more efficiently and effectively than ever before. And it won’t break your budgets.

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