7 Ways Rural Water Operators Run More Efficiently on eLynx SCADA

With today’s technology, SCADA systems are no longer a six-figure investment. Operators can have a robust SCADA system up and going in days for less than $10,000.

The eLynx SCADA system is a cost effective, quick-to-implement solution for water operations of all sizes from rural water facilities to larger municipalities, and every size in between.

1. View the Current Status of a Facility

Operators can easily view their current tank levels, pump statuses, line pressures, and generator run status. Any values that are in an alarm state will be displayed in red, quickly alerting the operator to any operational issues.

2. Graph Tank Levels, Pressures & Equipment Status Together

To assist with troubleshooting, operators can view graphs of their tank levels, pressures, pump statuses and any other monitored equipment. During the recent ice storm, for example, operators were able to quickly see if their power fail alarm had tripped, and to see if their generator failed to come on as it should have.

3. Set up Text, Voice or Email Alarm Notifications

The system instantly alerts operators to operational issues, such as line pressure issues, power fails, and high or low tank levels. Alarm notifications can be setup to escalate. Escalations occur when a notification is sent to an operator who fails to acknowledge the alarm. The notification then escalates and notifies additional personnel. Escalations help to reduce unnecessary notifications being sent out and ensures no alarm is missed.

Utilize the Alarm Dashboard for a bird's eye view of everything you need to know about the alarms being triggered and sent to your team.

4. Manage Multiple Facilities from a Central View

For operators that manage multiple facilities, all of the facility statuses can be viewed in one location. Any values that are in an alarm state will be displayed in red, quickly alerting the operator to any operational issues.

Facilities can also be viewed on geographically with facilities in an alarm state displayed with a red symbol and facilities with no active alarms displayed with a green symbol.

5. Mobile App

It is important to understand operations within a water facility at any given time and to have the ability to remedy problems quickly when they arise. Understanding operations failures in real-time helps operators fix issues quickly. Water facility operators use the eLynx mobile app to oversee operations remotely and in real-time.

6. Securely Access Data Anytime or Anywhere

A cloud-based SCADA system means having the data you need when you need it. You can log into your system from a computer or via the mobile app anywhere you have internet as well as in offline mode.

Operators trust eLynx to be a critical part of their operations, which is why data security and business continuity are a top priority. eLynx provides users with peace of mind by performing routine penetration testing and System and Organization Controls (SOC) audits. Additionally, eLynx utilizes a management system to execute routine firmware updates or fixes.

7. Get Setup in a Matter of Days with Minimal Upfront Cost

eLynx SCADA can be fully implemented within a matter of days and seamlessly integrates with existing automation, providing savings on cost. The cost required to automate depends on your existing setup, however with eLynx SCADA, operators save significantly on the cost of traditional SCADA solutions, which require software servers and IT support. eLynx is a cloud application, so there’s no software to install and maintain.

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