eLynx Overview

Turnkey solutions for all of your automation needs

SCADALynx™ Software

With SCADALynx you can monitor electronic flow computers, tanks, compressors, artificial lift systems, and other industry devices. SCADALynx provides advanced analysis to optimize oil and gas production and operate by exception.

Field Services

eLynx provides SCADA design, engineering, and implementation services, including communications infrastructure design and build-out, project engineering and estimation, and legacy system integration.

Hardware Sales

We sell licensed and non-licensed radios, GSM modems, CDMA modems, satellites, antennas, electronic flow meters, and compressor monitoring packages.

eLynx Iridium Communication Devices

The WellLynx XI and the i4D utilize Iridium's global network to provide remote data collection and alarm cryouts for oil and gas well site automation.

Communication Solutions

From licensed systems to spread-spectrum radio, LTE/HSDPA/GPRS/CDMA modems, BGAN, and VSAT, we can design and install the best solution for your communication needs.


Industry leading web-based SCADA software

Remote SCADA Monitoring

SCADALynx is the most powerful cloud-based remote monitoring solution available. With SCADALynx you can monitor electronic flow computers, tanks, compressors, artificial lift sytems, and other industry devices.

Low Cost of Ownership

Don't spend your time buying SCADA software or hiring IT staff to set up and manage servers and software. SCADALynx is on-demand SCADA software used by 350+ oil and gas companies.


Today's oil and gas producers demand anytime access to real-time data. SCADALynx Mobile gives you access to your SCADA data from your smartphone or tablet device.

Artificial Lift

Nearly all of the world's oil and gas production is reliant on artificial lift operations. SCADALynx has built-in solutions to monitor and optimize industry-leading artificial lift systems, including rod pumps, plunger lift devices, and electronic submersible pumps.


Total customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Everyone at eLynx is committed to providing the highest level of customer support. Whether it is technical support, product training or customer service, our exceptional, highly-qualified team of customer support engineers is here to meet your needs.

Field Data Capture

SCADALynx transforms traditional paper-based workflows and improves the way your operators record and track production information. Our mobile applications also serve as robust manual entry solutions, providing operators in the field the ability to manually enter data from their smartphone or tablet device.


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