Travis Spencer

Director of IT

Travis started at eLynx as Senior Systems Architect in 2009 and became Director of IT in 2016. In those seven years, he played an integral role in the architectural direction of the data center infrastructure. Additionally, he works cross-departmentally with developers, support, and networking to define requirements and fulfill project obligations.

Before coming to eLynx, Travis was CIO of WorldTelemetry. In 2001, WorldTelemetry collocated its data center infrastructure into eLynx’s data center. After meeting Steve Jackson, Travis thought this was someone he would like to work for in the future. Soon after, he decided to transition to a role at eLynx.

Of his work as Director of IT, Travis says, “eLynx leverages continuous integration and continuous deployment in our application life cycle, and with additional automated testing, our customers receive a high quality product that is deployed biweekly. These are building blocks to a platform that eLynx is creating that will be leveraged by our future customers in ways we cannot imagine.”

Living in Oklahoma, Travis and his wife have three children. He calls them his greatest joys. Outside of work, he enjoys music and playing guitar as an escape from the hustle and bustle of working in technology.



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