Tory Hooks

Product Development

Tory joined eLynx March, 2020, as a DevOps Engineer. He brings to eLynx over 12 years of relevant industry experience where he specialized in System Admin, network engineering and 4 years of  software deployment for oil, gas, and Cable provider industries. Tory's current role is deploying code changes to numerous eLynx applications.

Fun fact about Tory is he's an electronic music producer, who has worked with artists, television sitcoms, and professional sports. Producing online compositions for establishments such as, Michigan University and the NFL’s Seattle Seahawks. When asked what he enjoys most about eLynx, he said "The people that you get to work close with, that have a grasp on the technology we provide and the environment in which starts off as training grounds, and yet becomes a small village over time.

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