J. Jeffrey Auxier

Advisory Board

Since 1998, Jeff Auxier has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Auxier Asset Management and the Auxier Focus Fund. After graduating in 1981 with honors from the University of Oregon with a degree in Finance and an emphasis on accounting, Jeff began his professional career in 1982 at Foster Marshall-American Express (now Smith Barney) in Portland, Oregon. In the late 1980’s Jeff helped Smith Barney create the Portfolio Management Advisory Board. He also served as a member of the Chairman’s Council from 1990 to 1996 and Senior Vice President of Investments and Senior Portfolio Management Director. In 1993, Jeff was awarded the Consulting Group Bob Dwyer Award, which honors the Portfolio Manager whose “integrity, knowledge and commitment to the discipline of investment management exemplifies the highest standards.” In a national competition pitting some of the nation’s top performers against each other, Money magazine named Jeff their “All-Star Broker” two years in a row (1997/1998).

In 1998, Jeff realized his professional dream. He left Smith Barney to start his own investment advisory, Auxier Asset Management and, in 1999, the Auxier Focus Fund. From the start, Jeff wanted a fund where the manager is held highly accountable, so he committed to remaining one of the Auxier Focus Fund’s largest shareholders. He instituted company policy that he will not sell a single share while still manager. Jeff, as well as everyone on his staff, is focused on aggressive, fundamental research. “Everyone here is focused on performance,” says Jeff. “We’ve all got our own money on the line.”

Since 2008 Jeff has served on the Board of Directors for Colorado based eBags, whom he has helped guide to being the #1 bag retailer in the United States.

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