Scott Haven

Chief Business Development Officer

Scott Haven became Chief Business Development Officer shortly after joining eLynx’s product team in 2018.

Scott first became familiar with eLynx while working for Laredo Petroleum, when he hired eLynx to monitor wells and facilities in West Texas. Scott collaborated closely with eLynx for four years before joining the team.

As Chief Business Development Officer, Scott focuses on designing and driving the entire customer experience at eLynx. He says the customer experience will be rebuilt and managed from the ground up, “to ensure clients are continually utilizing and learning more about how eLynx's applications and services can add value to their organizations.”

In his spare time, Scott enjoys riding dirt bikes and playing video games with his two boys, Charlie and Nate. He and his wife, Marisa, met as students at Oregon State University and have been married for 14 years. They both serve as den leaders for Nate's Cub Scout pack.



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