SCADALynx Mobile

The most powerful mobile SCADA application for oil and gas


SCADALynx Mobile Features

The Best of SCADALynx

SCADALynx mobile was designed from the ground up to give you access the most used features in SCADALynx on your mobile device. With SCADALynx mobile you can quickly view or trend group and device data, acknowledge alarms, and utilize live data and control to interact directly with your field equipment.

Device Support

SCADALynx mobile supports all major smartphone and tablet devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.

Field Data Capture

Our mobile application serves as robust manual entry solution which transforms traditional paper based workflows and improves the way your operators record and track production information. Manually entry in SCADALynx mobile works online, or in offline mode when you are outside of cell coverage. Any data entered in offline mode is automatically transmitted to SCADALynx when cell coverage is restored.

Live Data and Control

SCADALynx mobile supports full remote control from your mobile device. Live Data and Control allows you to interact directly with the device polling drivers behind the application. The data that is presented in this screen is the most current available to the system. Control tags allow new values to be entered and written down to the device.