Real-time Analytics

Get ahead of problems before they happen. Know with certainty what next actions will be the best financial decision for the company.

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eLynx flags anomalies and predicts what wells are most at risk then prioritizes these for engineers and operators based on production loss.

Detect & Diagnose

The eLynx rules engine allows engineers and operators to define complex multivariate alarms that can automatically create well events and take user-specified actions. For example, if the peak load and min load on a rod pump are diverging over time, the system can create a well event noting that the rods are sticking and also notify the chemical company to conduct a hot oil treatment.

Capture Feedback

Capturing user feedback on the validity of detection and diagnosis rules is critical to ensuring that the rules are providing meaningful and actionable results. The feedback can also provide a way for allowing your engineers and operators to label your dataset for more advanced analytics.

Analyze Performance

The ability to review the effectiveness of each specified rule (x% valid/invalid) helps battle alarm fatigue and identify opportunities for improving detection and diagnostics.

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