Operational Intelligence

We ran our own operations in the patch. So we're in the best position to make it easier.

Smart Well Selection and Filtering

When production engineers were responsible for only 25 wells, checking every one daily might have worked. With most engineers now managing 100 or more wells, eLynx helps them stay on top of their field with confidence. Configurable well selection shows which wells have out-of-bounds conditions allowing true management by exception. Engineers have a clearer view of what matters in a fraction of the time.

Custom Views, Reports, and Visualizations

Configurable visual and tabular reports give all team members quick access to the data they need. Reports deliver visibility whether your focus is a single well or an entire field.

Trend Analysis

eLynx trending lets production teams see changes over time for a single device or well, a configurable group of wells, or an entire field. Trending can even display changes in computed values, such as sums or averages of selected data across multiple devices.


The SCADA revolution meant production teams no longer had to visit wells to check status. Now that everyone has an computer in their pocket, eLynx mobile access means every member of the team can check well status anytime, anywhere.

Access for All

The production team isn't the only group needing real-time insight into oil field status. Finance, accounting, and marketing can all make better, faster decisions with a complete picture of field status. eLynx provides Operational Intelligence access to the entire organization with no extra charge for additional access. "Access for All" is part of our commitment to helping your complete team stay informed.

Complete Data From Any Source

At eLynx, we know SCADA sensors are not the only source of data. So we make it easy to bring in data from other sources: from manual data entry in the field to automated imports from your other systems. Then we display the combined data in a simple, unified way. And it works both ways. We also make it easy to move your data to other systems for further analysis or specialized display.

About Operational Intelligence

Over the last 10+ years, we worked with customers to pioneer new functionality we call Operational Intelligence to make SCADA faster and easier to interpret. We saw the frustration of weeding through data to identify problem wells every morning, only to face an emergency or interruption that steals time from making the decisions that increase production. 

Operational Intelligence sits on top of SCADA to deliver unprecedented visibility, productivity and insight for production teams. It speeds decision making. Sharpens insight. And simply makes life in the oil field easier. It’s like a web browser on your phone or a backup camera in your car: you’ve run without it for years, but once you see what Operational Intelligence adds to SCADA, you’ll wonder how you ever operated without it.

Operational Intelligence starts with Smart Well Selection™.  Engineers identify problem wells within seconds of starting their day because eLynx pinpoints potential problems from among all the wells in a field. We’ve also learned production teams want more than a snapshot. So trend lines — from oil and gas flows to pipeline pressure to tank levels — are a click away. For one well or an entire field.  We even show production forecasts with flexible decline rates (using your choice of exponential or hyperbolic formulas … of course).

We also believe almost every team member can be more effective when given access to real-time well data. So unlike most companies, we don't charge extra as more people use the product. At the same time, people in different roles need different views. So we let each person decide what they see. Whether you have an existing SCADA system or not, adding eLynx Operational Intelligence helps a production team deliver faster, more informed decisions.

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