Data Validation

Building accurate data visualizations and models requires standardized and validated data.

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Our cloud-based data warehousing and validation models are tailored to create a clean and validated dataset that you can trust is providing you the clearest picture of what is happening right now.

Out of Bounds

The eLynx system allows users to define upper and lower limits for each data point so that data values falling outside of those limits are flagged as being potentially invalid. This functionality can help reduce false alarms due to faulty sensors.


Identify when values that should be fluctuating over time are stuck on one value, which is often indicative of a sensor issue in the field.

Non Timely Data

Operations teams are doing more with less and are having to rely on their SCADA data more and more. If certain data is delayed from updating, it can be critical to let operators know that, so they can address any comm issues. Also, if problems persist over time, they can indicate bandwidth issues.

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