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Web App

Production Dashboard

The Production Dashboard allows you to quickly visualize your field’s production over the last thirty days. Comparing gas, oil and water production against targets at the field level helps you spot unexpected changes that may be missed when looking solely at the well level.

Prioritized Well List

The Well List automatically organizes wells by status, showing you which wells need your attention most. Target and Variance data allows for further sorting within each status group, so you can quickly see which wells are the furthest off from their expected production.


Our advanced trending package allows you to customize trends to fit any need you may have. Compare multiple wells on the same graph, calculate and plot values across multiple devices or choose to display important history information such as alarms, settings changes or field notes.

Mobile App

Manage Alarms

Our alarming engine enables you to tune your alarms, so you can find the best balance between alarm fatigue and potentially missing critical field events. A tiered notification system helps you contact the right people at the right time, with options for email, text messaging and automated voice calls.

Capture Field Data

Our mobile app allows field personnel to manually enter data or field notes in real time, even when no cell service is available. The eLynx Mobile App will save all data entered and automatically upload when the device reconnects to the network.

Mobile Trending

Our mobile trending solution helps you get the insights you need from the data you’ve collected by trending a single data value or several at a time. Tailor your graph with customizable timeframes, pinch-to-zoom and auto scaling. Whatever your data needs, eLynx Mobile can help you quickly assess your wells from your phone or tablet.


Well Data

Complete access to your data is available through the eLynx API. You can build and design your own custom solution, then use our API to populate the well data. Our API provides complete flexibility for Enterprise organizations.

Well Events

Our event system creates and stores metadata around actions taken in the eLynx system, helping you build and maintain the well history. Events can be used to report and filter your data, saving time and energy spent researching a well’s historical behavior.

Field Notes

The eLynx API also provides access to all notes, so your team can keep collaboration on wells centralized and accessible. Sort notes by author, well or across a specific timeframe and keep your team up-to-date on the latest field activities.

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