Ryan Richison Joins eLynx Technologies as Chief Information Officer

January 14, 2019

Tulsa, Okla., January 14, 2019 — eLynx Technologies (www.elynxtech.com), a leader in oil and gas analytics, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ryan Richison as Chief Information Officer (CIO).

Prior to eLynx, Ryan held various key roles in major regional financial institutions in the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest where he was responsible for building and implementing new enterprise architectures to support an array of software, hardware, and systems development. With his strong background in technology and software development, Ryan was immediately interested in the role he could play in shaping the transformative oil and gas technology at eLynx.  

Ryan remarked, “I am currently focused on learning all I can about the product and the people who support it. I hope to impact eLynx in the upcoming year by focusing on the delivery of strong analytics products. These products deliver real-time data that optimizes production while reducing costs and risks. These analytics make a difference, and I am very excited to play a role in that.”

Ryan joins the team shortly after eLynx announced the commercial launch of Predictive Analytics as a Service (PAaaS) for plunger wells and ESPs. In coming months, eLynx will offer predictive maintenance products for rod pumps and gas lifts. eLynx’s team of data scientists has also gained momentum towards developing predictive optimization applications, which will help oil and gas producers identify opportunities to adjust controller settings to maximize well production.

For more information on eLynx Technologies, please visit elynxtech.com. To schedule time to speak with Ryan Richison, please contact Douglas Brown: doug.brown@elynxtech.com, 303-241-0141.

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