eLynx Technologies and University of Tulsa Expand Cooperation in Artificial Lift Predictive Data Analytics and Modeling

January 4, 2019

Tulsa, Oklahoma, January 4, 2019 —  We are pleased to announce a new collaboration agreement between eLynx Technologies and The University of Tulsa.  This research agreement provides a framework to develop and validate “digital twins” to fully predict the behavior of wells produced using artificial lift.  The research provides a pathway for rapid progression from predictive maintenance to predictive optimization. Predictive maintenance and optimization are extremely powerful tools that unlock tremendous value by enhancing production while substantially lowering operating expenses for oil and gas producers dramatically improving efficiencies across the board.

For the past several years, eLynx has been one of ten members of the Tulsa University Artificial Lift Project (TUALP) research consortium.  TUALP has a long history of developing mathematical models for artificial lift methods commonly used in the oil and gas industry.  This includes Plunger-Lift,Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP’s), Gas-Lift and Rod-Pumping.  The new agreement expands this relationship by sponsoring a standalone collaborative research project between TUALP principal investigator Dr. Holden Zhang and eLynx Technologies.  

The new collaborative research agreement leverages the modeling capabilities of TUALP with the data amassed by eLynx from monitoring over 40,000 wells for hundreds of customers in all major U.S. drilling basins. Through this eLynx project, TUALP faculty, staff and students will now have access to a wealth of field data for validation of mathematical models.  In addition, the agreement provides access to eLynx data scientists and SubjectMatter Experts (SME’s) who bring a unique data-driven perspective to physics-based modeling of artificial lift processes.  All of eLynx's predictive analytics tools rely on computer simulations of how things behave in the real world.  Through this cooperation eLynx anticipates a rapid acceleration in product development, resulting in both new products entering the market and expanded functionality for the newly released and industry leading Plunger-Lift and ESP products.

For more information contact:

Alex Mannella, eLynx Technologies, Tulsa, Oklahoma, (866) 303-5969, www.elynxtech.com

Dr. Holden Zhang, Tulsa U Artificial Lift Project (TUALP), Tulsa, Oklahoma, (918) 631-5142, www.tualp.utulsa.edu

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