Alex Mannella Joins eLynx Technologies as Chief Analytics Officer

February 7, 2018

TULSA, OKLAHOMA, February 6, 2018 —eLynx Technologies, a leader in oil and gas analytics, is pleased to announce the appointment of Alex Mannella as Chief Analytics Officer (CAO).

As CAO, Mannella leads a group of data scientists, engineers and oil and gas experts developing analytic models and techniques to improve oil field and well production. The focus of the team that Mannella leads is to use sensor and other structured and unstructured data to develop a suite of predictive analytic models. These models optimize well production, identify anomalies that predict equipment failure. As a result, these allow customers to utilize predictive maintenance as a key tool to reduce downtime and substantially lower lifting costs.

Mannella joins eLynx after two decades developing advanced analytics solutions for major corporations worldwide. Prior to eLynx, he was a founding member and Partner in PwC’s Information and Analytics practice. Prior to PwC, he served clients as part of Diamond Management and Technology Consulting, which PwC acquired. Mannella has built sophisticated solutions for clients in many markets, including telecommunications, financial services, government, health care, and pharmaceutical industries, among many others. He is an expert in customer value management (CVM), response modeling, database development and database marketing, data mining, and the use of artificial intelligence (neural nets and genetic algorithms) and time series techniques.

Prior to joining Diamond, Alex was the head of research at Econometrics, Inc., a Chicago-based analytics research company. He was instrumental in the redesign of their national database of more than 180 million records for response modeling, data mining and direct marketing campaigns. In addition, Alex played a key role in the development of the life-stage variable at Econometrics, a variable that is a key component in CRM and market basket analysis. Alex is an active member of the American Statistical Association and the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing.

“Our goal is to use predictive analytics to transform the economics of the oil and gas industry, “ said Steve Jackson, CEO of eLynx Technologies.  “Alex has spent seventeen years building state of the art solutions for Global 2000 firms, solving some of their toughest problems.  Using analytics to improve oil and gas operations is our mission and I’m very confident that Alex will be a key driver of our success.”

“I am really pleased to be joining the eLynx team,” said Alex Mannella. “When I first met Steve and his team, I was really impressed with the caliber of people at eLynx. My passion is building algorithmic solutions for an industry’s most important challenges. At eLynx, that’s exactly what we’re doing, working with great people to solve very hard problems—and we’re doing it in partnership with some of the industry’s premier, market-making customers. Great people, great challenges, great customers. This is why I’m excited to join the eLynx analytics team.”

elynx’s investment in state of the art data science is the latest phase of the company’s commitment to data-driven solutions for the oil and gas industry. In 2000, eLynx pioneered web-based remote field monitoring and SCADA as a Service (SaaS). A decade later, eLynx brought innovative reporting and analysis tools to find insights in customers’ daily production data. Today, eLynx, in partnership with Microsoft, Tulsa University’s Artificial Lift Project and leading oil and gas producers/customers, is developing state of the art predictive models to optimize wellhead production and reduce operating costs.

About eLynx

eLynx Technologies is a leader in data-driven analytics, remote monitoring and field automation for the oil and gas industry. Since 2000, eLynx has pioneered real-time data collection, production reporting, and remote monitoring and control for more than four hundred exploration and production companies. eLynx’s web-based and mobile solutions deliver real-time data and data-science driven insights to optimize production while reducing costs and risks.  Headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, eLynx provides analytics and on-site data services to operators in all major basins in North America. For more information, visit

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