James Bygland

Chief Operating Officer

James first learned of eLynx while at a Microsoft Conference in 2016. During a dinner at the conference, James unwittingly sat next to his future employer, Steve Jackson. During their conversation, Steve shared his vision for eLynx with predictive analytics. Steve’s passion for his company and where it was going was evident and infectious. James joined eLynx in January 2018 originally as Chief Information Officer and was subsequently promoted to Chief Operating Officer in July 2018.

At eLynx, James works to prepare for the future from a backroom or operational perspective. To support the advanced suite of products that eLynx is developing, James works with team members to automate and enhance processes to serve the customer and the company more efficiently.

James says, “My goal for the next year is to streamline the customer onboarding process that demonstrates the true product and people differentiation that eLynx offers.”

Now empty-nesters of three kids, James and his wife live in Edmond. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family whether it is hiking, enjoying a good meal, or being out by the pool. Time-permitting, James' personal hobby is house projects, large and small. He says, “Nothing like demolition to relieve stress.”