Predictive analytics in the upstream introduced as a service

eLynx oil and gas analytics solution identifies production and equipment problems before they become apparent.

Samantha McPheter
February 5, 2019

“Almost 20 years ago, eLynx introduced SCADA as a service to the industry,” said Samantha McPheter, eLynx chief product officer. “With these new technologies, we move to predictive analytics, a pivot that vaults data from something merely important to essential for companies seeking to be competitive in this new environment. Companies that are slow to adapt to this new reality will be consumed by competitors that are quick to embrace this data revolution.”

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This article originally appeared in Oil and Gas Engineering.

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Samantha McPheter
Samantha joined eLynx in 2009 as a member of the customer support team. After working directly with customers to provide support and training for seven years, Sam then became the Chief Product Officer where she the led the vision and execution of the eLynx platform. In early 2020 Sam was promoted to President and CEO.

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