The 6 Biggest Reasons Why eLynx Should Be Your Oil and Gas Analytics Solution

We’ve built a turnkey analytics solution that any company at any stage—from wanting to capture better field data to building real-time predictive models—can implement.

Samantha McPheter
January 30, 2019

The eLynx team is often in the room with oil and gas companies on the hunt for ways to reduce costs and increase production. They reach out to us because they are looking for ways to increase their bottom line through better data and analytics. We want to share the 6 biggest reasons why eLynx stands out for them and why they often choose us to be their partner. We’ve built a turnkey analytics solution that any company at any stage—from wanting to capture better field data to building real-time predictive models—can implement. We’ve innovated the oil field for nearly two decades and were the first to offer SCADA as a Service. We monitor over 16,000 wells for over 300 customers across the United States and are growing.

1. You will see real results in 90 days, no matter where your technology starting point is.

We have taken companies in the oil and gas industry with no field data capture capability to reaping operational savings and production gains through analytics in short order. We also take companies who have very advanced tools and processes but are stumbling to move forward on higher-level data analytics and create the breakthrough. Their production teams can begin to reduce costs and achieve significant production gains. eLynx makes it possible for oil and gas companies who want to be data-driven to show results in 90 days.

2. We are the only oil and gas analytics company who has built the full-stack production analytics solution.

Big data and machine learning are buzzwords in the oil production software world. However, most oil and gas analytics companies leave unmentioned a key part. The effectiveness of any oil and gas analytics software depends on acquiring accurate, real-time, and granular production data. This is very hard to do in the oil field environment. Sensors must remain accurate, data has to be warehoused correctly and communicated in a timely manner, and the quality of data must be continuously assessed. The output of any data set, no matter how large or analytically sophisticated, will only be as good as its input.

A speck of dust on a microprocessor inside a computer will cause it to malfunction. In oil and gas, real-time analytics models are sensitive to faulty data in many forms. This can come from a single sensor that is not reading well or data that is not captured and transmitted frequently enough. These types of things are the dust that make it impossible to do predictive analytics well. Similar to a chip manufacturer, it is hard to ensure all the big and small things are done properly across an entire oil and gas field. There are hundreds if not thousands of sensors and controls.

In much the same way, analytics depends on building an intricately interconnected system in a precise way. Miss one piece and your analysis and alarm management can go awry and hurt the bottom line. This is why eLynx has built the full-stack production analytics solution. We have expert capability at every level and have proven success at each stage. This full-stack approach enables us to ensure that our analysis is always built upon the best oil and gas data.

eLynx Production Analytics Stack
The eLynx Production Analytics Stack

Our entire existence as a company for almost two decades has been dedicated to innovating and perfecting the full solution.

3. eLynx makes analysis actionable by the right people at the right time.

eLynx has thought through all the details from beginning to end. This includes designing our product for all the different types of users in a company and tailoring the experience for them. This empowers our users to make immediate use of recommendations to fix equipment and optimize production. Oil and gas production software is notoriously not easy to use, which will limit adoption. We’ve made it so all types of users—from engineers looking to easily manage production to operators looking for route optimization—can do so through our user-friendly interfaces. Because eLynx identifies opportunities that are timely in nature, getting the right people at the right time to take action is key to realizing savings and gains.

eLynx mobile application screenshot
eLynx makes analysis actionable by providing users with a prioritized list of wells that require attention

4. Your operation will gain value at each level of the eLynx product and service offering.

The full-stack solution does not mean a company has to add all the layers of the solution at once. In fact, individual layers can be added to a company as needed. Each layer adds new value and intelligence to a company. As a company desires to make bigger gains from their data, they can add more layers in the future. Get going right now with the products and services you need immediately.

5. You will be investing in a technology that is ever-evolving, not stagnating and becoming obsolete.

The scariest part of in-house solutions is that the investment has a shelf life. It requires a large upfront investment. Also, doing analytics requires a diverse set of competencies and experts, which makes it technically and financially impossible for almost any company to pull off on their own. Add to this that hardware and software are rapidly causing internal friction with IT vs OT. Since eLynx is a technology company that is also a service, your investment will never become outdated. Our product will only be updated with more advanced capabilities. We are the cutting edge but we are also proven in the real world. Our whole business model is based on continued innovation that works and makes a difference for oil and gas companies.

6. Our application works with all lift types and equipment manufacturers.

Being able to see analytics and production information for all your lift types and vendors in one system is a huge advantage that no one else offers. Our compatibility eliminates the barriers to company-wide adoption because it allows users to log in once and start taking action. We’ve learned that if your entire field of wells is not brought into one system then operations teams are very unlikely to use the analytics tools. Scattered data and fragmented inputs are the enemy of making analytics work. eLynx makes it possible to transform a company because we’ve built our product to work with everything out there.

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Samantha McPheter
Samantha joined eLynx in 2009 as a member of the customer support team. After working directly with customers to provide support and training for seven years, Sam then became the Chief Product Officer where she the led the vision and execution of the eLynx platform. In early 2020 Sam was promoted to President and CEO.

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