Collect, monitor and optimize your production data.

For oil and gas producers, waste and leakage can easily lead to revenue loss or environmental regulatory fines. Remote monitoring of pipelines, well sites, tanks, pumping stations and compressors is essential to ensure uninterrupted production flow and early detection of equipment not running at peak capacity.

eLynx is a powerful cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for oil and gas production automation and data management. It revolutionizes the way you monitor operations in real time and accelerates remote or on-site decision-making to maximize production and lower costs.

Explore eLynx

With eLynx, you can access production information from all your field operations in a single view. The data is always up to date, easy to read and consistent across the company, enabling you to provide real-time production analysis, surveillance and control.

  • Reliable and accurate data capture
  • No high upfront investment
  • Data access and alarm alerts from any device
  • Holistic view of all production operations
  • Fast lead-time and deployment

Designed specifically for the oil and gas industry, you can monitor flow computers, compressors, pipelines, tanks, artificial lift devices and more in real time. eLynx allows you to bring more devices online faster so you can immediately gain greater insight into your exploration and production data. You can access your data anywhere your computer or mobile device has an Internet connection.

Trusted by more than 400 oil and gas companies, eLynx is revolutionizing the way you monitor production operations.

  • eLynx Mobile

    Get all the power of eLynx right where you need it – on your smartphone or tablet. eLynx Mobile supports full remote control with robust manual entry solution.

  • eLynx vs. the competition

    Specifically designed for oil and gas operations, eLynx provides you with easy data consolidation that keeps your data secure. We are more than just a software — we are a service.

  • Artificial Lift

    Monitor, control and optimize your production with real-time data. Instantly identify underperforming wells to make lift performance adjustments, maximize well integrity and reduce downtime.

  • Field Data Capture

    Capture and manage field data to optimize production and prevent shutdowns. View and configure your data anytime to see a holistic view of all operations, so you can work smarter and respond faster.

  • On-demand vs. on-premise

    Web-based SCADA is the smart choice for today’s oil and gas producers, allowing for rapid deployment, scalability and virtually unlimited capacity to support your company’s growth.

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