Accelerate responses, prevent disasters, save money.

Overall wear and tear of oil and gas machinery working in harsh environments require constant field equipment and process monitoring to minimize critical machine failure or environmental disasters. Automated SCADA and remote alarming devices play a key role in anticipating operational responses to measured conditions and executing real-time corrective action before a costly failure or disaster occurs. Reliable data collection and alarming are critical to profitability, especially in large geographically dispersed field operations where organizations may not have the workforce to cover every location.

eLynx’s WellLynx XI and i4D data collection and alarming devices revolutionize the way you monitor production operations in real-time to accelerate automated responses, maximize production and lower costs. From tank level and gas meter readings, equipment voltage, operating pressure and temperature, and equipment status, our remote alarming devices instantly notify you of any discrepancies to enable you to make on-the-spot decisions to keep your production and field operations running at peak capacity.

  • Explore WellLynx XI

    The WellLynx XI remote data collection and alarming device provides a holistic window into your field operations to deliver exceptional report-by-exception alarming and I/O capabilities to report alarm conditions.

  • Explore i4D

    The i4D discrete alarming device uses the Iridium satellite network to deliver remote status changes back to the eLynx data center. This alert automatically notifies the right people to take action to make corrective changes quickly.