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Real-time, web-based monitoring through intelligent automation

When we pioneered our flagship SCADALynx™ automated remote monitoring and field data capture software, we didn’t want to give you just more technology. We wanted to give you better technology . . . innovation that lets you work faster, smarter and more efficiently.

From data collection, well monitoring and control to production reporting, trending and alarm alerts, the speed at which you receive intelligent data and act quickly can make the difference between profitability and loss . . . and safety.

Intelligence today. Flexibility tomorrow.

SCADALynx is a powerful cloud-based, software-as-a-service solution for oil and gas production automation and data management. It revolutionizes the way you monitor operations in real time and accelerates remote or on-site decision-making to maximize production and lower costs.

Everything you need to get the job done

  • Up and running quickly
  • Holistic view of all production operations
  • Reliable and accurate data capture
  • Quick menu-driven set-up screens
  • Anytime, anywhere data access
  • Alarm alerts via any device or computer
  • Scalable to grow operations

Designed specifically for the oil and gas industry, you can monitor flow computers, compressors, pipelines, tanks, artificial lift devices and more in real time. SCADALynx allows you to bring more devices online faster so you can immediately gain greater insight into your exploration and production data. You can access your data anywhere your computer or mobile device has an Internet connection.

The DNA of SCADALynx is an oil and gas producer’s dream:

  • No high upfront investment
  • Fast lead-time and deployment
  • On-demand IT source scalability
  • Secure and reliable performance
  • Convenient monthly service fee

With SCADALynx, your employees can work more productively with access to real-time production information of all your field operations in a single view. The data is always up to date, easy to read and consistent across the company, enabling you to provide real-time production analysis, surveillance and control.

Take a look below to learn more about how SCADALynx is revolutionizing the way you monitor production operations in real time and is trusted by more than 400 oil and gas companies.


Web-Based SCADA

Web-Based SCADA

SCADALynx provides support for all leading flow computers, artificial devices, pump-off controllers, tanks and other field devices. Customize real-time and historical production data. Receive exception and variance-based alarming with text messages, email or voice call alerts. Enjoy full remote control / demand scan functionality.

Low Cost of Ownership

Low Cost of Ownership

SCADALynx is on-demand SCADA software used by 400+ oil and gas companies. Priced monthly on per well / devices basis, SCADALynx access can be granted to unlimited users in your organizations.



Today's oil and gas producers demand anytime access to real-time data. SCADALynx Mobile gives you access to your SCADA data from your smartphone or tablet devices. The app is available on iTunes and Google Play.

Scalable Web Technology

Scalable Web Technology

SCADALynx is a proven cloud-based oil and gas monitoring solution for over 27,000 oil and gas wells. SCADALynx is compatible with all modern internet browsers and provides robust charting and reporting capabilities.

Compare SCADALynx

Since 2000 eLynx has a 15-year track record of excellence.

2 Billion + Data values collected by SCADALynx every month.

27,000 + Oil and gas wells monitored by SCADALynx.

99.9% Our cloud-based platform provides rock-solid uptime and reliability.

On-Demand VS. On-Premises

SCADALynx™ is a cloud based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that is available on-demand via the Internet. At eLynx we believe web-based SCADA is the smart choice for today's oil and gas producers. Here are our top 10 reasons why.

1. Rapid Deployment - On-premises (on-prem) SCADA solutions require servers to be purchased, installed, configured, and tested before SCADA software can be installed. Then the configuration of the SCADA software often takes months of work and integration to complete. SCADALynx is a pre-engineered, user-configurable solution designed specifically for the oil and gas industry. Unlike traditional, on-prem systems, SCADALynx can be deployed in days, not weeks or months.

2. Lower Up Front Cost - Deploying on-prem SCADA applications...

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SCADALynx vs. the Competition

We are passionate about SCADA, automation, and helping our customers succeed. Below are 10 reasons why we think we have the most competitive solution on the market today.

1. Specifically Designed for Oil & Gas Operations - Many competing solutions are generic, catch-all SCADA systems for any industry or application. SCADALynx is designed specifically for the oil and gas industry and even more specifically for the production and midstream operations of the oil and gas industry

2. More than just SCADA - With a focus on oil and gas operations, SCADALynx includes features and functionality that oil and gas production teams and operations teams need that aren't included in typical generic SCADA systems, like Scheduled Reports & Graphs, Liquid Production Tank Gauge Sheets, Manual Data Entry (including offline entry), Artificial Lift Functionality, and many more.

3. Easy Data Consolidation - Having your production data all in one place is crucial for evaluating...

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