Our vision

Provide Predictive Analytics as a Service to transform the oil and gas industry as we know it – in real time.

Where We Have Been

Innovation is in our DNA.

When American Central Gas Technologies originated in the 1990s, we developed and installed automated and remote-controlled regional low-pressure gathering systems that evolved into the first closed-loop gathering systems in the United States.

Over time, producers on ACGTI’s gathering systems became eager to receive real-time data to enhance operating ability, lower costs and increase gas production.

To address this need and provide real-time data to producers, we created eLynx Technologies, a separate entity specializing in data collection and monitoring for the oil and gas industry.

Where We Are Now

Innovating again.

During the past 15 years, more than 400 customers have leveraged eLynx to automate production, manage data and monitor operations in real-time on more than 40,000 wells. eLynx is now moving to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, providing customers with faster performance, improved functionality, trending and user experience. This move also allows for the rapid innovation of new features.

Anticipating our customers’ needs of tomorrow, we have been building an ecosystem of innovation that leverages modern Cloud platforms, data science, and industry and academic partners. Together, we are taking the digital oil field to the next level.

Where We Are Going

The next evolution.

Predictive analytics is at the core of our future vision. Proactive insights and prescriptive actions will enable our customers to identify and manage issues before they occur, avoiding expensive repairs and minimizing lost revenue from downtime due to equipment failure.

Join the Transformation