eLynx was born out of its former parent company, American Central Gas Technologies, Inc. (ACGTI), which owned and operated regionalized low-pressure gathering systems and processing facilities. In 1998 and 1999, ACGTI’s operations group developed key components of the eLynx system for its own use. The system allowed the group to operate by exception and remotely monitor and control all facilities. As a direct result, ACGTI was able to reduce its company-wide operating expenses by half through moving more gas, identifying problems immediately, and leveraging key revenue streams by tracking them hourly.

It was soon evident that the producers on ACGTI’s gathering systems were eager to receive real-time data to enhance operating ability, lower costs, and increase gas production. ACGTI began offering data collection and delivery as a part of an overall service. The value to producers was so compelling, ACGTI decided to establish eLynx, as a separate entity, concentrating solely on real-time data collection and monitoring for the oil and gas industry.

A critical factor that differentiates eLynx from its competitors is the operations experience incorporated into its systems development and ongoing support. Our experience and relationships with the producer community are integral to our product and are used in every aspect of ongoing development.